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d not at first understand what they intended doing. He soon found it out; for they ordered him to move on, the officers following him, and he was thus taken before the imperial prosecutor. The latter who was at dinner invited Tyndale to sit down with him. Then ordering his servants to watch him carefully, the magistrate set off for Poyntz's


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性感AV在线观看,Av 之家,www.婷婷五月天
性感AV在线观看,Av 之家,www.婷婷五月天

house. He seized the papers, books, and all that had belonged to the reformer; and returning home, placed him with the booty in a carriage, and departed. The night came on, and after a drive of about three h

性感AV在线观看,Av 之家,www.婷婷五月天

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性感AV在线观看,Av 之家,www.婷婷五月天

ours they arrived in front of the strong castle of Vilvord

e, built in 1375 by duke Wenceslaus, sit

uated two or three leagues from Brussels on th

e banks of the Senne, surrounded on all si


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性感AV在线观看,Av 之家,www.婷婷五月天
性感AV在线观看,Av 之家,www.婷婷五月天

des by water and flanked by seven towers. The drawbridge was lowered, and Tyndale was delivered into the hands of the governor, who put him into a safe place. The reforme